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Success Stories

Customer Success Stories: Beverley Apparel Limited

“We haven’t used another CAD system due to PAD System enough for daily work in pattern room. PAD 6.0 advanced clone will apply to self fabric, lining and interlining if made changes. The lead time shortens in making pattern. The efficiency rises by 30%.”

— Frederick Poon.Managing Director of Beverley Apparel Ltd

Customer Success Story: Hale Group

"netGarment helps to standardize and optimize workflow, enhance overall competitiveness"

— Nick Chan, Director
Hale Group

Customer Success Story: Shanghai Donglong Feather Manufacture Co., Ltd.

“netGarment is a real time working platform that provides quality and accurate information, leveraging overall working efficiency.”

—Jiang Liu-hong, Assistant GM
Shanghai Donglong

Customer Success Story: Fu Fung (Hong Kong) Garment Limited

"netGarment is the simplest and the most user-friendly system we've ever encountered, we all enjoy using it."

— Mr. Li Kai-Hung, Founder
Fu Fung (HK) Garment Ltd.

Customer Success Story: Chi Shing Garment Factory Ltd.

"netGarment can speed up the order processing 10 times faster than before."

— Joseph Leung, Sales Director
Chi Shing Garment Factory Ltd.

Customer Success Story: Cactus Garment Co., Ltd.

“netGarment is the communication bridge between our Hong Kong office and China factory.”

— Ernest Ng, Director
Cactus Garment Co., Ltd.