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Notice on purchasing self-fabric and lining

More styles, less quantities are the business trend of garment production. More specific pattern for particular purpose is required on self-fabrics and lining. The ideal material inventory status is “zero stock level” after finished goods production.

In reality, however, what need to be aware of in purchasing self-fabric and lining?

> Unreasonable purchases order quantities would be more or less.
> Increase in purchase price which affecting cost directly in total.
> Difficult in managing material delivery time, quality as well as suppliers.
> Always changes in order quantities, delivery date, and production plan……
> Time consuming in creating and checking summary of delivery note, PO, inventory order and verifying accounting records.

All above notice are headache for apparel management. Let’s take a look of netGarment job order management system how we provide the solution.

Purchasing solution from netGarment apparel job order management system

> Calculate orders of material requirement automatically according to BOM and garment quantities.
> Monitor material order and forecast quantities in real time, abnormal costing status will be showed to control cost.
> Look up suppliers price history to manage ordering
> Verify account records at a glance
> Generate a purchase contract just by a click
> Auto adjust material requested quantities according to job order’s information changed

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