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How to use the new functions of netGarment 4.3.8?

netGarment 4.3.8 version will be launched shortly, more functions, more user-friendly, enables successful management at your fingertips! Watch the demo now! (Cantonese Narration)

netGarment new module - Warehouse Management

Facing the following issues in your warehouse?

- Lost of stock in warehouse
- Over-stock of rarely-used materials
- Insufficient storage space
- Over-purchase of same materials
- Unorganized storage locations
- Discrepancy between record & actual figure

netGarment Warehouse Management solution can help you to manage warehouse with accuracy, achieve effective material planning. This is your ideal solution for warehouse management!

Why Cloud Computing?

Everyone in the IT industry today is talking about Cloud Computing. So what is it and why is it getting so popular? Watch now.

Whitepaper: How Should Garment Manufacturers Select a RFID Real-time Production Management System?

This white paper specifies the various factors to be considered in the selection of a RFID real-time management system, helps garment manufacturers to choose the most suitable system. Download now.

Whitepaper: How to Apply a Management System Effectively?

This whitepaper outlines the key steps leading to successful application of a management system. Download now.