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netGarment new module - Warehouse Management

Facing the following issues in your warehouse?

- Lost of stock in warehouse
- Over-stock of rarely-used materials
- Insufficient storage space
- Over-purchase of same materials
- Unorganized storage locations
- Discrepancy between record & actual figure

netGarment Warehouse Management solution can help you to manage warehouse with accuracy, achieve effective material planning. This is your ideal solution for warehouse management!

Warehouse Management Workflow


  • Flexible material classification and definition.
  • Flexible storage location management, supports self-defined storage class and can manage storage location by level.
  • Using barcode system for material tracking to enhance accuracy and efficiency. Supports both original barcodes and self-defined barcodes.
  • Supports various Auto Data Collection devices, including keyboard, barcode scanner + PC, data collector with memory, and intelligent terminal scanner.
  • Flexible user access control.
  • Supports stock in, out, transfer and stock take.
  • Easy tracking by associating the inventory and transaction records.
  • Real-time understanding of material condition via material search function.


  • Improve the efficiency of warehouse management
  • Improve inventory accuracy
  • Standardize warehouse workflow, reduce errors
  • Real-time information update
  • Minimize the phenomenon of material over-purchase and over-stock
  • Replenish materials on time
  • Maximize the utilization of materials
  • Minimize material loss and left-over
  • Apply effective purchasing strategy
  • Achieve warehouse paperless operation
  • Achieve overall cost-saving

netGarment Warehouse Management module can work independently or can be integrated with the Inventory Management and/or Material Purchasing modules. It connects seamlessly with your operations, optimizes the data quality, enhances efficiency yet reduces cost.